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Spotlight on Service Delivery- Osman Osman

Osman Osman
Osman Osman

VP of Engineering at Immedis

Dec 23, 2019 2 mins


Current position?

VP of Engineering, located in Varna, Bulgaria

The job that launched my career in tech / dev ?

I started off as a software developer position in fin tech after successful career change from Finance.

Why I chose to work in tech /dev ?

For me it was always curiosity in how things worked.

What makes it work? What’s in the box? So I decided to find out and here I am now.

What I’m working on today?

Currently we’re designing new products and always improving existing ones which will enhance and streamline the entire payroll and global mobility domain.

Some of them are too early to announce and there is a lot of work to be done… so I can’t reveal any more than that!

What I bring to the tech & dev industry?

A combination of business domain knowledge and knowing how things work from a technology perspective.

I always try to find the best solution among all others which will be easy to use(for the end user), scalable and time durable.

For me there is always multiple solutions to any problem – the challenge is finding the best one.

My defining career moment/high point?

It has to be my first job in technology, as it was transition from Finance to Engineering.

As with all career changes it was hard as there were a lot of unknowns ahead of me. There was a lot of work I needed to do and things to learn in order to be a respected software engineer.

My toughest career challenge in tech/ dev so far?

My biggest challenge in tech probably was moving from a senior engineer to a leadership role as it was challenging to change from the day to day work to start looking at the bigger picture and plan the direction for the entire team/department. But I really enjoy it.

My biggest industry influence?

I would have to say Elon Musk because he shows us that human capabilities have no boundaries and that absolutely everything is possible.

Best tax & payroll innovation/development?

The automated process of going from in country gross to net to the Immedis platform gross to net, the Immedis platform analytics and robotics.

My ambition/vision?

My vision is to automate most of the current, repetitive processes so that people can focus on the more important areas of their work and be more productive.

Also I want to build out a team of professionals to help us achieve that goal.

Where do you see tax & payroll five years from now?

The industry will ultimately transform from manual processes to digital and integrated processes, where someone starting their employment will be communicated from a HCM system directly to in country revenue/social security departments and back with all the deductions and payments that need to be made.

Its going to be an exciting time and I’m looking forward to building that future.

An interesting fact about me…

Outside of my day job, I’m also a university lecturer where I teach students how to code.

I’m also a family man and I love to build random stuff at home too.