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Spotlight on Service Delivery- Tanya Nikolova

Tanya Nikolova
Tanya Nikolova

Operational Enablement Lead at Immedis

Sep 10, 2019 2 mins


Current payroll position?
My role at Immedis is Senior Manager, Global Tax and Payroll, based in our office in Varna, Bulgaria.

The payroll job that launched my career?
I started my payroll career as an Irish tax specialist with Taxback, back in 2009.

There I spent my time preparing individual tax returns for Irish residents with different types of income such as rental or other investment incomes.

Why I chose payroll?
Personally, I love the thrill of deadlines!

I also really cherish the opportunity to work with motivated and like-minded people who care about the same thing as I do – making sure our client’s employees get paid, correctly, every single pay cycle.

There is a certain excitement that comes with that, I think only payroll professionals understand.

What I’m working on today?
Right now I’m running payrolls for 10+ countries for one of our multinational corporation clients.

What I bring to international/country payroll?
Accuracy and passion.

My defining payroll moment/high point?
While there has been lots of high points and career defining moments for me such as promotions at work and hearing about my client’s satisfaction… I feel my big moment in Payroll has yet to come!

Watch this space…

My toughest payroll challenge?
Exotic countries can be a challenge at times when you haven’t encountered them before.

But if like me, you enjoy seeing a challenge ahead and love learning to overcome it, then the challenges quickly become great moments too.

My biggest industry influence?
My colleagues at Immedis.

I am lucky to say I’m surrounded by many people I consider to be influential. Each person inspires me for a different reason but working with a whole building full of people I admire and look up to is like a dream.

Best payroll innovation/development?
Call me biased, but my honest answer is Immedis’ Payroll platform. It provides the best global payroll solution for multinational companies, or for those growing organisations who want a global oversight of their businesses after mergers and acquisitions worldwide.

I work with the Immedis platform every day and I see the difference it makes to my client’s lives and work, so I really do see it as the biggest innovation in Payroll in a long time.

Other than that, I think great service continues to be one of the best ongoing developments in the industry.

My payroll ambition/vision?
To make difference… Our business is about being innovative and present at the current market trends.

I feel Immedis has already impacted the Payroll industry a lot in the past 3 years and I have loved being part of it. So I hope to continue being part of the reason the market is evolving and becoming even better for our clients.

Where do you see payroll five years from now?
It’s hard to say as things change so quickly these days but I do think it will be very technology influenced.

RPA, AI, and other technological innovations will continue to change the payroll game!

But no matter what technology we see come in, its always going to be service excellence at the core of Immedis.