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How the Immedis Global Payroll Platform Empowers Employees

Fiona Dardis
Fiona Dardis

Product Manager, Global Payroll, Immedis

Dec 3, 2020 2 mins

Payroll is a highly sensitive and personal business function. Regardless of the industry or service the organization provides, when it comes to paying their employees, the focus shifts. Now it is about ensuring each payslip is accurate and that both the individual and the corporation are fulfilling all their tax and legal obligations. To accomplish this, every employer relies on their HR team to ensure they have the latest and most current personal information for every member of their workforce.

For large enterprises with employees dispersed across the globe- this task becomes exponentially more challenging.

Immedis is changing that. We have concentrated all our recent research and development efforts on making our platform designed to alleviate this burden. We want to prevent scenarios where an employee does not receive the right payment because payroll has incomplete or incorrect data. So, we have brought a new, almost more democratic functionality to our solution.

Introducing the new and improved Customer Portal and Employee Self-Service capabilities

How it benefits customers

  • HR and payroll can now easily input and manage recurring payments such as salary and allowance details, pension contributions whether working with an integrated HCM, input directly into the Immedis Platform, or both
  • HR and payroll can make quick updates at the click of a button
  • All updates are fully validated against the platform’s global banking validation framework.

How it benefits employees

  • Employees can now access, update or change their banking details directly on the platform
  • Employees have more control over what data HR possesses which reduces errors
  • Greater security as now sensitive information is input directly into the system rather than through an email to HR.

What else are we adding to the platform with this release?

Perpetual validation

In addition to enhancing the Customer Portal, we have implemented Perpetual Validation. My colleague, Aidan O Keefe, will explore this topic in greater detail in an upcoming blog, but for now, what it means is that payroll can instantly see if there is information missing that will directly impact a payroll run. For example, in the certain countries, to successfully complete a payroll run, all employees must have a Social Security number. Perpetual validation will check for this data- and any other country-specific regulations- and highlight to the payroll team if there are any issues. The team can then proactively act on the information and solve the matter before it is too late.

Easier onboarding

Every country has its list of what is required to add new employees to a payroll run. To make this easier to do, we have added new corporate setup templates, which can be downloaded as needed. All HR has to do is simply download the required fields based on the relevant country’s requirements.

The Immedis Academy


In Introducing the Immedis Academy- Our New Free Learning Portal, Mark Butterly, our Training Manager, presented the Immedis Academy in detail – suffice to say, we are now providing payroll and HR professionals an opportunity to grow their understanding and knowledge of the Immedis Platform. This online immersive learning experience will cover all aspects of the platform and support the brand new Immedis certification process. Initially, Payroll Admin Superuser Level 1 and Payroll Admin Superuser Level 2 Certifications will be available. New badging will be available, as well as a certificate for successful completion. Access to the academy is completely centralized within the Immedis Platform.


Localization and additional language support

We want to make the Immedis as inclusive as possible- and that means allowing people to work within the platform in their native language. We already support a multitude of languages, but now I am delighted to say it is also available in Hindi and Arabic.