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New Employee Spotlight: Emma Jane Tarrant, Sales Development Representative

Grace Delaney
Grace Delaney

Head of HR at Immedis

May 24, 2021 4 mins

Immedis is growing rapidly and we’re in the fortunate position to be on the hunt for great talent at all levels of the organization. Take a look at our careers page to see all current job openings.

At Immedis we’re strong believers in providing our people with a wide variety of opportunities for growth and learning. We’re also strong believers in promoting from within as individuals evolve, and advance in their careers. Immedis recently entered into a partnership with Gradguide, a Dublin based start-up offering career guidance, mentorship and an early stage career community for recent graduates looking to get into tech. They pair these grads with mentors from some of the fastest growing tech companies in the world to help bridge the gap between them finishing their time in college and landing their first role. It’s a free resource for grads so definitely worth checking out if you or someone you know is thinking about starting a career in technology.

From the start, Gradguide has been a tremendous partner and resource for Immedis. We’ve been able to participate as both Immedis mentors and in finding excellent candidates for open positions at Immedis. We’ve hired great talent in a very short time. Emma Jane Tarrant came to Immedis through Gradguide to join our sales team. Emma Jane shared her experience with Gradguide and how things are going for her so far at Immedis.

Tell me a little bit about when and how you heard about Gradguide. What were your thoughts about career and jobs at that time? Did you have a clear understanding or idea of what you were looking for?

In August 2020, I finished a Master’s degree in International Business. At the time, I had a clear view that I wanted to work in the tech industry. Tech is the driving force behind so many things now. I wanted to get into that world, and work for a fast-paced company. After researching various tech opportunities, I was set on working in Sales and Business Development. However, I didn’t know how to get there or how to find such an opportunity. I also quickly realized that job hunting during the pandemic wasn’t easy. A friend told me about Gradguide, as he was friends with one of the co-founders. I decided to reach out as I figured any help would be better than browsing LinkedIn aimlessly, without a clear structure and method to my job search.

Before Gradguide, I didn’t realize the sheer number of tech companies in Ireland. I was aware of the big-tech companies; Google, Facebook, LinkedIn but I was blown away by the number of new, emerging and established technology companies that were out there – companies that looked and sounded exciting, but I didn’t know anything about them.

Once I was with Gradguide, I became aware from their social media, LinkedIn and website that they have extensive industry knowledge and connections in the industry. When I began working with my mentor, I was amazed by the different types of companies and opportunities he advised me about. Gradguide helped me land a dream job, and for that, I will be forever grateful I signed up to their program.

Please share your experience with Gradguide. Did you have a mentor? What types of job opportunities did you learn about? 

I was very lucky to have been introduced to an incredible mentor, Matthew Brennan, who later became my colleague at Immedis. Completing a Master’s degree during a global pandemic and adding the job search to that was a challenge. However, working with my mentor provided me with a depth of industry knowledge to help me land a job. Because of Gradguide, I had a direct support to walk me through the process, provide advice, and keep me positive and motivated throughout the challenges of the process. My mentor was able to guide me through major issues that are critical for the job-hunting process, such as upskilling with online courses, meeting for ‘virtual coffees’ with individuals from different roles in different tech companies and preparing for interviews.

How did you hear about Immedis? Can you share a little about what made you decide to choose to work at Immedis? 

I heard about Immedis through my mentor at Gradguide. I began researching Immedis and I was blown away by its story. I was excited by the possibility of starting my career in a company that was expanding globally at such an incredibly fast pace.

From my research, I understood that a significant part of the work carried out at Immedis is allowing companies to achieve their growth opportunities and drive performance through industry-first innovations. I wanted to be a part of an organization that was driving the success of others. Additionally, I was drawn in by the company culture at Immedis. I discovered Immedis to be an inclusive, friendly, work environment, with true passion and drive among the staff. I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to land an interview with Immedis, and then my ideal role working with an incredibly welcoming and hard-working team.

How long have you been at Immedis? What has been your experience at Immedis so far? How has onboarding been for you? Your impressions of the people and the culture? Can you share a few thoughts about your expectations and hopes working at Immedis?

I began working in Immedis in January 2021 and I have loved every minute of it. The people at Immedis are warm, kind and helpful. Each person I have been lucky enough to work with has been extremely willing to help me to learn and be able to do the job as best I can. Starting in a new job right out of college, and while working from home was a nerve-wracking experience, but the people are incredibly supportive. There is always positive energy about.

Do you have any advice for soon to be grads or recent grads regarding finding a job that's the right fit?

Having 1-1 attention meant I was constantly supported through the process, kept accountable and motivated to just keep going! It’s not always an easy journey trying to land a job, so why not give yourself the opportunity to have a mentor with industry experience. Gradguide has an exceptional network that continues to grow rapidly, helping new grads gain access into the tech world. To any grad struggling, reach out to Gradguide for valuable tips and tricks for LinkedIn, CV, networking, how to smash the interview and land your dream job!