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Global Payroll Glossary: How Immedis is Helping Organizations Comply with Employment Regulations

Tara O'Sullivan
Tara O'Sullivan

Chief Marketing Officer, Immedis

Feb 2, 2022 2 mins

We recently announced the rollout of Immedis’ Global Payroll Glossary, which provides key payroll data for more than 137 countries and also includes US states and Canadian provinces. This has been a massive undertaking from many people in the business, so I want to thank them all.

What’s in the Global Payroll Glossary?

Each country guide provides the essential information needed to manage and process payroll, including minimum wage, bi-weekly or monthly payroll cycles, information on the 13th salary, payroll taxes, and much more.

We also include extensive information on employer taxation, leave entitlements, local laws, and termination rules. In short, everything payroll teams need to know and understand to pay employees and be in compliance in that jurisdiction.Imbeds payroll glossary and guides help employers overcome the challenges associated with paying employees wages accurately and on time. The Immedis Global Payroll Glossary provides payroll data for over 137 countries including US states and Canadian provinces.

Downloadable Payroll Guides for every country

The payroll guides are downloadable, and we update each as the regulations change. Here’s an example of the first page of the country guide for the UAE highlighting the minimum wage, payroll cycle, tax rate, and total amount of overtime pay.

payroll guides list tax deductions, payroll cycles, working hours, extended leave and more. UAE Payroll Guide illustrated above. Downloadable PDFs are available for every country.

Immedis Country Specific Information

These payroll guides are not the only way Immedis ensures you stay informed about employment and taxation legislation. Last year we launched Immedis Country Specific Information (CSI), which provides a detailed payroll database of employee information fields needed for each country’s tax rate and benefit calculations and compliance requirements.

CSI Benefits for Employers

As a result, payroll managers no longer need to spend valuable time researching and manually adding country-specific data and requirements, which means considerable time and cost savings for payroll teams and businesses.

Immedis CSI also dramatically simplifies the global payroll director’s job by allowing any new country-level requirements to be submitted within minutes, a process that previously could take hours.

CSI Benefits for Employees

As well as helping the global payroll team, CSI software also improves the employee experience by ensuring timely payroll delivery as payslips reflect the individual country-specific data, avoiding payroll delays that could result from incomplete or inaccurate data.

Country Updates newsletter

As well as getting payroll country information through the platform and the Global Payroll Glossary, we also have a dedicated Country Update resource. Each month we issue a newsletter to all subscribers featuring all the payroll updates for the previous month. You can sign up today if you have not already.Other benefits of alway up-to-date payroll information includes improving the employee experience by creating a culture of trust. The Country Updates newsletter keeps customers and subscribers up-to-date with country legislative changes.

Why create a Global Payroll Glossary then?

So, if all the information in the Global Payroll Glossary is already in the Immedis Platform, why bother?

Customers asked, we delivered

Customers were asking for a comprehensive guide to payrolls to help them decide about moving into a new country or setting up a new payroll through expansion or M&A activity.

A way to share our payroll expertise

It’s also a way to demonstrate our expertise in the global payroll industry, knowledge we want to share with organizations so that all employees are paid accurately, and companies are meeting all local and state regulations.

Takes the pressure off payroll teams

Keeping apprised of any changes in tax, benefits, or compliance is an arduous task, of an already often stretched global payroll team. But with Immedis CSI, Country Updates, and our new Global Payroll Glossary, companies can rely on Immedis to keep them informed.

Other benefits of alway up-to-date payroll information includes improving the employee experience by creating a culture of trust.