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Immedis Now Incorporates All Country Legislative Updates Automatically Within the Platform

Aidan O'Keeffe
Aidan O'Keeffe

Product Lead, Immedis

Mar 1, 2021 2 mins

Legislative changes covering everything from meal vouchers to a new schedule of social security system contributions are a consistent presence in every payroll professional’s life.

Other examples of some recent legislative changes include:

  • New post-Brexit rules about social security contributions for mobile workers or those on secondment to another country.
  • The hourly minimum wage just increased to €10.25 in France.
  • Belgian employees are now entitled to additional maternity leave.
  • There is a new rate of social security systems contributions in the Philippines
  • Vietnam introduced a new labor code that directly affects the obligations and rights of both employers and employees

Their volume and complexity are staggering, so it is hardly surprising that keeping up to speed with legislation is one of the greatest challenges faced by payroll professionals. And yet organizations must adhere to every rule or face hefty fines, unhappy employees, and reputational damage.

Introducing Immedis CSI ( Country Specific Information)

Given that we provide payroll services in over 150 countries, our customers deal with large numbers of country-specific rules and regulations. Many of our customers are running multiple payrolls in countries spanning the globe, leading to complex and nuanced questions relating to specific jurisdictions.

To alleviate this problem and provide a truly expert service, the Immedis Platform houses CSI (Country Specific Information), which provides a detailed payroll database of employee information fields that are needed for each country’s tax and benefit calculations and compliance requirements.

Within the Immedis Platform, you can see all the required information unique to an individual country and validate all payroll data entries based on the local requirements.

How it works

Using artificial intelligence technology, the Immedis Platform continually incorporates and flags employee data as needed. For example, when entering the data for an employee in Singapore, customers will see exactly which fields are mandatory for payroll to run successfully. This means they can drill down to criteria such as residency status, religion, employee type, all of which are required to run payroll in Singapore successfully. If requirements change, it will appear in the platform as a required field along with a visual identifier – see below.




What this means for organizations

One of the biggest benefits is that payroll managers no longer need to research and add country-specific data and requirements. We do that for you, giving organizations peace of mind that not only will they be current but also in compliance with legislative updates in every country they currently, or if they are growing, plan to operate a payroll.

CSI also works in tandem with another uniquely Immedis feature, Perpetual Validation. With Perpetual Validation, all employee data is continuously checked and validated for accuracy, ensuring payroll teams can quickly identify gaps in the payroll data for any country in real-time. Payroll can get an overall view of how complete each country payroll is and where there are issues, highlighted on the dashboard as shown below.


These notifications mean the following:

Error (Red)- The issue will impact the payroll run, and the employee cannot be paid. For example, an employee in Canada cannot be paid if their Social Security Number (SSN) is not entered into the field.

Warning (Amber)- The payroll run can go ahead, but there are issues that will impact an employee. For example, perhaps an SSN for an employee in the UK is missing, which means they will get paid but a reduced amount as they will be on emergency tax.

Observations (Green) – Although the data is not wrong and will not impact payroll, it is supporting data which of benefit to the payroll process e.g. does the employee work Full Time or Part Time.

The sum total of this synchronicity means customers get the assurance that their global payroll, a highly complex and nuanced process, is made as seamless as possible. The Immedis Platform stays current with all local legislation, drastically reducing the need for this in-country knowledge, while constantly checking to ensure that all the relevant and necessary data is entered into the system to ensure a correct, compliant and accurate payroll. We take the burden away, giving customers the time and assurance to concentrate on other aspects of workforce planning and payroll strategy.