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Check Out How the Latest Immedis Platform Updates Simplify Global Payroll Management

Fiona Dardis
Fiona Dardis

Product Manager, Global Payroll, Immedis

Apr 12, 2021 3 mins

Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability. — Edsger Dijkstra

Exciting times. The newest Immedis Platform release has just dropped. We’ve been busy working on these enhancements for months now, and it feels good to be able to say here you go, welcome to an even better user experience.

There are a lot of changes, all focused and borne out of a shared goal - to keep it simple. We know that global payroll is a complex, nuanced process, one that keeps everyone on their toes. We know too, that customers rely on our solution to make this process as smooth and efficient as possible. As we bring everyone along on our mission to transform global payroll, we aim to constantly evolve and refine our solution so that organizations can optimize workforce analytics, plan for the future secure in the knowledge that employees are getting paid accurately and on time.

Before I share some of the latest update highlights, I want to remind customers that the Immedis Academy is loaded with insights and training on all the changes. Please contact your CEP if you are not registered and get access to this beneficial resource right away.

What changes can customers expect?

Improved user experience

  • An enhanced speed of data entry. We know that payroll processing means a lot of data entries. There is now autofill for categories such as Country Specific Information (CSI), just like when you shop online at a new site to speed up the process.
  • New filter and loading updates to align selections, page loading, and available options.
  • You can now hold a validation framework at country level to set individual fields as mandatory or optional.
  • Updated close inputs with a view to improving the accuracy of data. Now you can have a dedicated permission for personal segregation of manage payroll vs. close inputs.

Further development of Perpetual Validation

  • Strengthened input validation so that you know that the data going in is correct and won’t delay the payroll run. A lot of this will help when it comes to entering Country Specific Information (CSI), which now has default values and local/global labels added to the platform.
  • Enhanced integration error capabilities to produce a smoother flow of data between your HCM and payroll.
  • Onscreen notifications to make it very obvious when there are errors. They inform where the error is, which is especially useful for large volume uploads.

Joiners & Leavers

Given the amount of movement of employees, we also turned out attentions to Joiners & Leavers. Here are some key changes to note:

  • New assignment statuses for Joiners & Leavers
  • Assignment events are now tagged with pay cycle
  • We’ve added a new global mobility type - Third Party National.

For better mapping of Absence Codes and multiple automations there’s new self-service management. For example, a universal code for sick leave can now be mapped to a sick leave code for a particular country. In addition, a number of codes can now exist for different types of sick leave, such as paid sick leave, unpaid sick leave, and so on.

Workday integration

For customers with Workday as their HCM, all adaptors are now aligned to create a single integration to fit all countries, delivering a single complete view of HR and payroll’s symbiotic relationship.

Workday Payslip Integration

Employees can now access their Immedis payslip within Workday. Payslips no longer need to be uploaded to Workday, and they are still available in the Immedis Platform.

Statutory Payments just got easier

At its core, global payroll is about getting employees paid. As your global payroll provider, our job is to help facilitate this, and our latest upgrade greatly supports this.

  • A new tab on the G2N displays the Statutory Payment Summary by Employee and Employer to simplify the execution of Statutory Payments for the payroll.

Added a new capability to the Employee Self-Service feature

Employees can now enter their related people - whether their spouse or dependents directly into the system. This saves payroll administrators time and helps improve the accuracy of employees’ personal data.

Treasury updates

SFTP Bank Files

You can now send these files without the need for anyone to touch them to your bank or financial teams. This removes payroll from having to be involved at this level and subsequently improves efficiencies and security.

Customers can now also run reports that illustrate usage- particularly helpful for Finance and CFOs- that show number of wire fees and documents processed.

Even more reporting capabilities

Analytics Only Run Type

April1Customers can now amalgamate all payrolls into Immedis, whether Immedis processes them or not. For example, if you use a different payroll provider for your domestic payroll and then Immedis for global, you can now generate a report that consolidates these disparate payrolls to offer even more insights into payroll costs across your organization.

Several customers are already using this service; please speak to your CEP for more information.

What else?

To help payroll teams optimize the Immedis Platform, there are 2 new features:

  • Tooltips - to give additional assistance when setting up absence types, for example, maternity leave or sick leave.
  • ZenDesk widget - This allows our payroll operations teams to interact directly with a customer if they have any questions about data.

All of these enhancements and updates are available from April 6th.