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Immedis Leadership Spotlight: Andrew Desmond, Chief Operating Officer

Tom Francoeur

Public and Analyst Relations Strategist | Media Campaign Architect | Storyteller

May 18, 2021 3 mins

Immedis announced this week that Andrew Desmond joined the company as Chief Operating Officer. Andrew brings more than 20 years of experience delivering transformational business and technology solutions to organizations, and Immedis is thrilled to have him join our leadership team.

In addition to the press release, we thought a brief Q&A offers a great way for everyone to get to know a little more about Andrew, his thoughts about Immedis, and the customers we serve.

What brought you to Immedis?

Prior to joining Immedis, I worked in a variety of management consultancy roles at Accenture, leading large-scale transformation programs for clients in retail banking, international banking, and insurance. I built a team of technology and consulting professionals to help our clients transform their businesses through implementing new technology, new operating models, and new business processes. I’m a problem solver at heart. I’ve always loved the challenge of assessing complex business problems, gaining an understanding of the obstacles, and essentially untangling the knots with solutions that simplify and streamline across people, processes, and technology.

When I first learned about Immedis and the global payroll market, I could see immediately that the Immedis Platform provided an elegant solution for simplifying and streamlining the global payroll process for organizations. Payroll has historically been an extremely complex and thorny problem for businesses to solve from a process and operational perspective. The chance to join an organization that was solving this problem was a huge draw for me. On top of that, Immedis is on a rapid growth path. I wanted to play a part in scaling operations. I saw opportunities to build on Immedis’ customer-centric approach to delivering operational excellence in our customer onboarding and operational services. I’ve also been impressed by Immedis’ unwavering focus on ensuring our customers get the most value out of their investment. I’m thrilled to be immersed in this work with the Immedis team and its customers.

It has only been a few months since you started, but do you have any notable observations you’d like to share about your time at Immedis so far?

One thing that really stands out to me is how Immedis brings a unique mix of strengths to the table as an established and highly successful business with a long track record of success combined with the entrepreneurial mindset and dynamics of a start-up. How can a company be both established and a start-up? It stems from Immedis’ origins coming out of the Clune Technology Group, a collection of global companies that deliver digitized solutions to simplify the complexity of global business. Ruairi Kelleher joined the wider Clune Group in 2012 and along with Terry Clune and Mark Graham launched Immedis in 2016 to reimagine how global payroll is delivered. With over 20 years in Global Tax Mobility, Immedis has a deep understanding of the most challenging aspects of global payroll.

Based on that knowledge and expertise the Immedis team created a global-first payroll platform that’s purpose-built for the digital age without the impediments found in many payroll platforms built on top of decades-old legacy software. Immedis as a company and the Immedis Platform turn 5 this year. That’s impressive considering we already have 100s of customers across the globe and we’re on track for sustained rapid growth. Ruairi, Mark, and the entire Immedis team have created an exciting culture of innovation, not only in technology but across all aspects of the business. It’s a fun, fast, highly creative, and dynamic culture. It’s really the best of both worlds for anyone seeking to join a fast-growth company with the backing of a technology powerhouse like the Clune Group.

What are a few key opportunities you see for Immedis, our customers, and global payroll in general?

Constant innovation is a given these days for businesses in every industry and especially for technology businesses like Immedis. For this reason, there’s so much to talk about in terms of where we’re headed and what’s coming next, it’s hard to know where to start. One key area I’m especially excited about is the work Immedis is doing around payments. Just a month ago, Immedis announced robust integration and configuration updates to further simplify and streamline processes between payroll and treasury operations. We’re just getting started.

I’m inspired by the work we’re all doing around payments, especially the work I’ve been doing with my team to evolve Immedis’ customer operations, change management, and customer onboarding services in this part of the business.

Watch this space closely. We’ll have more to share in the coming weeks.