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Discover How We are Evolving the Immedis Platform to Serve Customers Even More Effectively

Richard Limpkin
Richard Limpkin

Chief Product Officer at Immedis

Sep 7, 2020 2 mins

Over the past number of months, we have been working on a major release of the Immedis Platform and are excited to share more information on what these enhancements are and what they ultimately mean for our customers.

So, what can customers expect from this update?

Perpetual validation

We are introducing an industry-first innovation that will enable customers to manage integrated systems. Perpetual validation surfaces data management in a way that is intuitive to non-technical users, removing the challenges of different integrations and systems from the global payroll landscape. Customers can now manage their data in real-time as it is layered into the Immedis Platform from a multitude of sources and processes in your organization. This means you can now, at a glance, access the quality and completeness of your data throughout your employees’ employment lifecycles.

Brand new user experience

Customers will enjoy a completely transformed user experience as we deploy the latest process-driven navigation techniques and menu options to provide a brand-new look and feel for the entire user interface (UI). We have also overhauled and simplified the UI to ensure optimum simplicity for the end-user, which is at the core of what we do at Immedis.

Advanced input and import of data

Customers will have access to advanced user interface-based inputs for managing the various ongoing payroll instructions, which include direct validation of these against a globally comprehensive rules engine. This supports and guides the user to provide all of the statutorily required pieces of information for aspects such as additional payments and leave of absence/time away from work.

Workday and Ultimate certified adapters

Immedis is now Workday Certified, which means that joint customers can now benefit from the seamless integration between Workday and Immedis. In addition, we have joined Ultimate Software’s Connect Partners program. The new partnership makes it easier for mutual customers to exchange data between the UltiPro human capital management (HCM) solution and the Immedis Platform through an integrati

Enhanced financial analytics

These capabilities are now as standard, allowing your key finance functions to drill from the top-level global general ledger flux to a specific in-country element of pay, and identify the individual who is generating the variance in a few clicks. This, along with many other analytics and data features, further enables payroll to be at the center of data-driven business decision making.

Localization and additional language support

Our platform already supports a multitude of languages, further enhancing user experience. However, we have now added Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Dutch, enabling users to have the same great Immedis experience in a localization of their preference. If you have a business need to operate your Portuguese payroll from your Dutch service center – you can.

Payslip customization

By enabling customization of payslips, Immedis helps organizations deliver a consistent brand experience, increasing the relevance to employees. This layers on top of the existing fully localized and/or globalized Immedis payslip options, which allows customers to see their payroll data in a local language or aligned globally.

Knowledge base

Our customer-friendly knowledge base is now fully embedded and accessible from the Immedis Platform. Customers will also have access to the ‘Ask Immedis’ feature for rapid resolution of all payroll support matters plus direct access to the full data requirements library for all of the countries in which you are, or intend to, operate in.

At Immedis, we pride ourselves on taking global payroll software to the next level of innovation while at the same taking a customer-centric approach in what we introduce to the platform – always ensuring that we are adding value to our customers. We look forward to seeing the benefits that these latest additions will bring to our customer base over the coming months.

For customers who may have queries about this latest release, the Immedis Customer Engagement team is always on hand to answer your questions.

If you’re new to Immedis and would like to learn more about our global payroll platform and what we do, just fill in the below form and one of our knowledgeable team will reach out to you as soon as possible: