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Here’s Why Immedis is Supporting the 20×20 Movement

Tara O'Sullivan
Tara O'Sullivan

Chief Marketing Officer, Immedis

Sep 22, 2020 3 mins

I’m excited to tell you that our Global Brand Ambassador Shane Lowry, will wear the 20×20 logo, in place of the Immedis logo, at the upcoming Irish Open. We are thrilled to be an official supporter of the 20×20 movement, and we hope it will highlight the 20×20 message of #ThinkItAskIt and drive more progress for women’s sport. The nationwide call to arms draws attention to the choice we all have in what happens next and how, by asking questions, of society and ourselves, we can change the future for women in sport in Ireland.

Ruairi Kelleher, our CEO, talked about how delighted he is to support this campaign.

I am extremely proud to be able to lend our voice to the 20×20 movement, and I hope it will raise awareness of this incredibly important movement. As the father of a daughter, it is something I am extremely passionate about, and while our action is very simple, we hope that the impact can leave a significant legacy.

Earlier this year, we were thrilled to announce 20×20 Ambassador Stephanie Meadow as a Global Brand Ambassador for Immedis, further demonstrating our support of women in sport and equality across our sponsorship portfolio. The collaboration with Stephanie and becoming an official supporter of the 20×20 movement reflects Immedis’ values and constant support for equality at all levels.

Why it is important Immedis is supporting the 20×20 campaign

In Immedis, we want to be part of the conversation. We want to challenge the status quo. While 20×20 is focused on sport, we realize that it also looks at tackling society’s deeply ingrained subconscious bias. So much of what we accept as social norms are deeply skewed with gender bias. In Immedis, as part of our diversity and inclusion program, we are looking to address these issues to create a more inclusive workplace that celebrates our differences.

We also realize that gender equality is not just about women supporting women. The benefits of what this change can bring don’t just help women; it is good for society and business as a whole. We had a fantastic company session last Friday – we call them Ruairi’s Stories – with Sarah Colgan who founded the 20×20 movement, as well as being CEO of Along Came a Spider.

20×20 isn’t women for women, it’s all of society for all of society. It’s so important to have top male athletes support women in sport.” – Sarah Colgan

The same can be said in all aspects of gender equality. As a society, and Immedis as a business, we need to take a stand and make a difference where we can. It’s our responsibility as individuals, and collectively as a business to create a more inclusive, equitable society for generations to come.

Our Brand Ambassador Shane Lowry said:

Sport has always been something special for me. Not only has it given me a livelihood, but it has also given me tremendous pleasure both when playing it and watching it. No matter what my daughter Iris does in the future, I hope that she gets the same enjoyment from sport that I have. I want her to have role models, and I want more than anything for her to have the same opportunities that boys would have.

If we look specifically at golf, the disparity between the men and women’s game is quite stark. How often do we see men referred to as golfers while women are lady golfers? Men are Captains, while women are always Lady Captains. Gender disparity has deep roots within the game. As part of our involvement in the 20×20 movement, we ask everyone to question the norms around us. To #ThinkItAskIt. If it doesn’t make sense to you, examine why? If it doesn’t seem right to you, it’s not. There is a collective responsibility to stand up for what’s right. We are the change for the next generation, and we all must play our pa

How Immedis is supporting the fight for equality

Immedis’ support of the 20×20 campaign recognizes our strong diversity values and support for women in the sporting space. Eight of the nine companies under the Taxback Group– of which Immedis is a member- have women at director levels with six of the companies led by women. We are also incredibly proud that the Taxback Group was named as one of the Best Workplaces for Women in 2020.

Here’s Shane talking about how the birth of his daughter Iris changed his outlook on sports and life in general.