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Spotlight on Service Delivery- Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova
Petya Petrova

Tax Manager at Immedis

Nov 24, 2019 3 mins


Current position?

Here at Immedis, I’m a Global Tax Manager based in our office in Bulgaria. Currently I lead our tax team based here in Bulgaria including Varna and Sofia.

The job that launched my career in tax?
I started working in the wider Taxback Group just over 13 years ago while I was studying at university. I didn’t expect to be here this long but I have loved my time with the group and have progressed my career greatly here.

Why I chose to work in tax?

To be honest, initially I didn’t plan on working in tax, but once I started, I knew almost immediately that this is the area where I wanted to develop and grow.

While I didn’t plan this exact career path, I feel so lucky as I love my job and all the challenges that come with it.

I love a challenge and so I always enjoy a complex tax case which needs to be sorted out. Tax is such a dynamic area and you have to keep up to date all the time. Every case is different and so it can never get boring or repetitive.

What I’m working on today?

My plan for today is to review a number of individual tax returns that my team has drafted, and I will be reviewing the global mobility population lists for one of our biggest tax compliance clients.

What I bring to international/country tax industry?

My organisational skills are a key asset in my role. I take care of the individual tax returns of our clients in a number of jurisdictions including the UK, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium…Germany etc.

My tax experience over the past 13 years has helped me be the professional I am today. As a tax qualified person, I take my responsibilities quite seriously and I take pride in helping individuals on their tax position, so that any decision they need to make is as informed and as possible.

And last but not least, as I mentioned I‘m super organised, and my passion is to figure out any complex situations and cases.

When my peers or seniors need something sorted out – I am their go – to – person!

My defining career moment/high point?

A crucial moment in my career was my decision to change my role with and move to Immedis.

This has broadened my horizons and opened further opportunities for my development – both in my career and from a personal perspective too. I love it here am so grateful to have had the experience of working in both companies within the Taxback Group.

My toughest career challenge in tax?

I had a lot of tough moments in a previous role, with my proudest moment being keeping my former team on top of our targets despite the issues in the global market at the time.

My biggest industry influence?

It has to be Meredith McCammond. She has been (and still is) my mentor in my tax career. Even though she has moved to another job I still keep in touch with her. My conversations with Meri are always very inspiring.

A more recent example is that I consulted her for my prospectus CTA exams and after my conversation with her I felt I had already passed them all successfully!

It’s so important to have a mentor outside of your organisation you can speak with and help you see the bigger picture.

Best tax & payroll innovation/development?

I think that this is yet to come! I am always working on something in the background…

My ambition/vision?

I hope that one day I will be managing the entire tax department at Immedis!

Where do you see tax & payroll five years from now?

With all recent changes in the tax systems all over the world, I think that 5 years from now, most of the tax and payroll records and services will be digitalised, so that it is easier for individuals to take care of their tax affairs.

That makes our job easier, too, as digital data is more accessible and easier to work with.

There will always be taxes but the more tools we have to work with, the better.

An interesting fact about me…

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. Well……..I still have time, I guess.

I wonder what the taxes are like on other planets… Maybe I could be a Universal Tax Manager?!