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New Employee Spotlight: Conor Foley, Business Development Representative

Grace Delaney
Grace Delaney

Head of HR at Immedis

Jun 8, 2021 3 mins

For the past few weeks, we’ve been introducing some of our new employees who have been kind enough to share their stories about how they found their way to Immedis. We hope you’ve had the chance to check out our interviews with Emma Jane Tarrant and Mark McAuley. This week we’re thrilled to introduce Conor Foley who has joined our Business Development team. Gradguide has played an important role in helping Immedis find and acquire great talent, and we’re thankful for our partnership.

If you’re not familiar with Gradguide, they’re a Dublin-based start-up offering career guidance, mentorship and an early-stage career community for recent graduates looking to get into tech. They pair these grads with mentors from some of the fastest growing tech companies in the world to help bridge the gap between finishing college and landing their first role. It’s a free resource for grads so definitely worth checking out if you or someone you know is thinking about starting a career in technology.

Read on for Conor Foley’s story of his Gradguide experience, how he discovered Immedis and how things are going for him in his work with the Immedis business development team.

Tell me a little bit about when and how you heard about Gradguide. What were your thoughts about career and jobs at that time? Did you have a clear understanding or idea of what you were looking for?

I heard about Gradguide online and was immediately impressed by the value proposition – how Gradguide connects soon-to-be and recent graduates with technology companies seeking talent. When I graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a Bachelors in Business Economics & Social Sciences, we were in the midst of a pandemic and job opportunities were scarce.

I decided to continue my education at Trinity. I’m currently pursuing a Masters in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurship Studies, but I was also interested in finding work at an exciting company. I’ve always been passionate about technology and interested in companies that are leading innovators in their industry. Gradguide seemed like an excellent resource for making connections with these types of companies, so I signed up.

Through Gradguide I was hoping to find a role with a company that had strong leadership and also welcomed ideas and contributions from anyone at any level of the organization. I was hungry for a role with responsibility. I also wanted to work with a company that would support my personal development and career goals.

Please share your experience with Gradguide. Did you have a mentor? What types of job opportunities did you learn about? 

My Gradguide experience was a three-pillar approach. First, I consulted with Gradguide to help me redesign my CV to suit tech recruiters and Gradguide partners. Second, I participated in Gradguide and LinkedIn tutorials on personal brand and how to improve my LinkedIn profile to better suit my career goals. Third, Gradguide helped me unlock the power of networking more effectively by using the Gradguide network for tech job referrals.

How did you hear about Immedis? Can you share a little about what made you decide to choose to work at Immedis? 

Gradguide introduced me to Immedis soon after I joined the program. I researched Immedis through their website, LinkedIn and Instagram page. Straight away I was impressed by Immedis’ culture and the multiple workplace awards they’ve won. As I delved deeper into the Immedis blog, I began to understand their value proposition and the talented thought leaders who worked at the company. Furthermore, I was intrigued by the idea of working for a company offering B2B enterprise technology solutions. It’s an exciting sector to be in. It’s constantly growing and has great potential to scale. I was also impressed by the UI of Immedis’ payroll platform and its value proposition to maximize efficiency and streamline global payroll.

How long have you been at Immedis? What has been your experience so far? How has onboarding been for you? Your impressions of the people and the culture? Can you share a few thoughts about your expectations and hopes working at Immedis?

I’ve been at Immedis for a month and everyone has been extremely welcoming. I’m digging into learning about the Immedis brand, its positioning and how I can help move the company forward and generate qualified leads. Onboarding at Immedis has been an engaging and rewarding experience. My team leaders and the Immedis HR team have kept in close touch with me, making sure I have everything I need to learn and succeed in my role. The people at Immedis are all excellent at what they do, and within every group I’ve come across coworkers who are true thought leaders with deep industry experience.

The company is very focused on employee wellbeing. I feel confident I’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn as much as I can about business development, prospecting, onboarding and lead generation. With all of the great people I’ve already met in such a short time, I’ve already expanded my professional and personal networks, which will support my ambitions and career growth prospects.

Do you have any advice for soon to be grads or recent grads regarding finding a job that's the right fit?

My advice to recent graduates is to check out Gradguide online and learn everything about them, especially their partner network which includes great companies like Immedis. Leverage LinkedIn to the fullest and learn about how to market your personal brand to recruiters. Get insight into the minds of recruiters, what they look for in candidates and how you can communicate your experience and transferable skills. Use these resources to develop clear ideas about the types of roles and companies that would be the best fit for your interests and skills.