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Why Payroll Providers Must Redefine SaaS

Mark Graham
Mark Graham

Chief Commercial Officer

Sep 7, 2021 3 mins

What is Software as a Service(SaaS)? Salesforce describes it as “a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service.” Fundamental to the success of this relationship is that the provider is relied on to provide security, support, and critically improved performance. The only way the partnership will work is if the provider meets the customer’s expectations, and does so in a holistic way. What do I mean by that? It is not sufficient for a provider to say, here is your access to the service and then become a silent partner, only communicating with the customer for billing.  

However, all too often, that is not the case with SaaS relationships. In our industry, though, where a missed or incorrect payment can result in reputational damage, fines, or personal repercussions, the nature of the SaaS relationship takes on a greater significance.  

It is for this reason Immedis views SaaS through a slightly different lens. We see SaaS as Software AND a service, one in which customers can rely on us to dramatically simplify their multi-country payroll process, enjoy time and cost savings, access valuable business and workforce insights and analytics and importantly ensure compliance with local and state payroll and tax legislation.  

How Immedis provides Software AND a service 

The goal of payroll is to manage multiple country payrolls, each with differing rules, and make sure that the employees are paid the right amount on the right day. The Immedis Platform enables customers to accomplish this in a streamlined and efficient manner. To enable that to happen, we have a team of professionals working together to ensure employees are paid accurately and on time, that all compliance issues in the country are taken care of, and that customers are getting the best value can from our solution.  

The people who power the Immedis solution  

Geo Leads 

Our teams are organized on a geographic basis, so they have an in-depth understanding of the legislation, compliance, and taxation requirements of their region. Those little nuances that make paying people difficult. They keep up to date on new compliance, taxation, and payroll information through various data sources, including working closely with our in-country partner network. We then internally review all the latest data and determine its impact on our customers and their employees. Having this team in place means our customers get direct access to experts that can answer specific questions on each and every country.  

We update customers on legislative changes with: 

  • Regular calls with our Customer Engagement Partners  
  • Country Updates - a blog featuring the latest global payroll and taxation news 
  • Knowledge Base – launching soon, and will serve as a repository for global payroll news, plus information on optimizing the Immedis Platform. 
  • Customer Newsletter – we send customers a monthly newsletter with features on international payroll news or platform updates. 
Payroll Ops Managers 

Working with our in-country partners, the Payroll Operations team processes all our payrolls. Immedis global payroll managers typically have between 10 and 15 years of industry experience, relevant IPASS or CIPP qualifications, and many also possess international tax qualifications. Professional development is an essential component of the Immedis employee experience, and we actively promote and support our people to attain industry and academic qualifications.  

Customer Engagement Partner (CEP) 

When a customer begins their global payroll journey with us, they are assigned a CEP. The CEP is responsible for making sure each customer receives the support, clear communication, and day-to-day management they expect. CEPs have an in-depth technical knowledge of global payroll and assist the customer manage the project on a strategic level. Internally CEPs represent the customer’s voice and provide feedback to the product team for future enhancements to the platform. In addition, they lead quarterly business reviews with each customer to ensure we are delivering the best service and value. 

Tax Team  

The Immedis Tax team are qualified professionals who provide customers with global mobility tax services. From hypothetical tax calculations to double taxation relief claims and everything in between, the tax team is here to assist customers expanding into new jurisdictions, advise on tax residence planning, and ensure that customers understand the legal requirements they must meet for compliance – no matter where in the world that may be.  

Our Partners 

Our partners are an extension of our payroll operations team. Whether conducted by Immedis or by a payroll partner, all processes are presented to our customers seamlessly through the Immedis Platform. This synchronicity guarantees standardization across multi-country delivery models. We maintain a network of at least two partners in all countries where we do not process payroll in-house. As a result, Immedis has access to the best local processing capabilities and compliance in all locations, giving customers centralized oversight and unrivaled analytics and reporting.  

Payroll holds such a critical role within every organization it cannot afford mistakes or inefficiencies due to poor service from its payroll provider. And the people behind payroll need to depend on their technology to enable them to complete their job. This means that the technology provider, Immedis, must deliver on its promise to provide customers with the expertise, service, and support, required to pay the right amount on the right day. SaaS may mean Software as a Service, but given how pivotal people are to be successful, I’m beginning to think it should be Service and a Software!