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Why Oracle Cloud HCM + Immedis Global Payroll is a Win-Win for our Mutual Customers

Tiffany Appleby
Tiffany Appleby
Mar 8, 2022 2 mins
Immedis recently announced our partnership with Oracle and listing on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Organizations who utilize Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management, a complete solution connecting every human resource process from hire to retire, now have access to a standard, bi-directional integration with the Immedis platform. This is great news for our mutual customers, and here’s why.

The benefits for payroll of the Oracle Cloud HCM + Immedis integration

• Reduce manual effort and realize cost savings

Lack of alignment between HR and payroll data creates significant challenges for many organizations today, including payroll inaccuracies, delays, potential security, and compliance issues. The bi-directional integration between the Immedis Platform and Oracle Cloud HCM automates the flow of people data needed for payroll processing, enabling organizations to reduce manual effort and save time and the costs associated with managing disparate data across HR and payroll operations.

• Increase compliance and protect sensitive data

Replacing time-consuming and error-prone manual processes with automation also reduces the risks associated with data loss or mistakes when files are shared with multiple parties. Accidentally exposing sensitive employee information is another risk heightened by manual data exchange processes. Automation simplifies and streamlines global payroll processes for organizations, ensuring the delivery of secure, compliant, accurate, and on-time payroll to employees with every pay cycle.

• Optimize HCM investment

Organizations also gain greater value from their global payroll and HCM investments via reduced data reconciliation, improved data reliability, and enriched collaboration between HR, Finance, and Payroll. Immedis and Oracle provide standard connectivity to integrate Immedis Global Payroll and Oracle Cloud HCM systems. Driven by the seamless integration between our two platforms, organizations need only to supply business rules and mapping values to receive the sophistication of the Immedis Platform combined with the power of Oracle Cloud HCM. Both Immedis and Oracle provide ongoing testing and maintenance, resulting in savings on an organization’s IT resources.
Selecting an enterprise technology solution for any business operation can be a daunting process, let alone searching for a solution that integrates multiple complex systems like HCM and payroll. Oracle Cloud Marketplace simplifies the solution selection process and provides the peace of mind that Oracle has reviewed, approved, and certified the Immedis Platform as an integration partner. Both Oracle and Immedis underwent rigorous testing and vetting in every aspect of the solution to ensure the best user experience and maximum outcomes. We have taken on the hard work of integration, so our customers don’t have to.
We are very excited that our mutual customers will benefit from the Immedis and Oracle partnership. Visit Oracle Cloud Marketplace to learn more.
Please take a look and tell us what you think. Don’t hesitate to reach out directly to schedule a discussion to answer any questions you may have and for us to learn more about your needs.

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