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Spotlight on Service Delivery- Dima Koycheva

Dima Koycheva
Dima Koycheva

Q/A Lead at Immedis

Dec 18, 2019 2 mins


Current position?

Functional Quality Assurance Lead at Immedis.

The job that launched my career in tech / dev ?

To start, I followed my childhood dream and became a Math teacher.

A few years passed and it was becoming obvious that the battle between my passion for teaching and my passion for learning should be ceased.

So, I stepped into the IT industry where despite my university degree, I had, and still have, a lot to learn.

Why I chose to work in tech /dev ?

Choosing a field to learn and develop is probably the superb challenge in life.

For me, it’s the irritating habit of always asking: ‘Why?’, ‘What if…?’ and ‘How about…?’ which pins me to QA.

What I’m working on today?

Today is another exciting day of passing on communication with various people on various topics, trying ‘to get to the bottom of it’, analyzing what can be affected and how to handle corner cases.

What I bring to the tech & dev industry?

Most of the time, I aim to bring more laughter to everyone around me!

It’s crucial for me to clarify requirements – Clear requirements give my colleagues from the DEV and QA teams composure and confidence that they know what they are doing. Which at the end of the day makes them happier and preserves their passion for the job. And then comes the joy and the laughter!

My defining career moment/high point?

I almost never use the phrase ‘We made it!’. Because if we’ve made it, then we’re done. If we’re done, then we’re dead. There is always one more step ahead so I’m always ‘not there yet’.

The most defining moment in my career so far however was a nomination for ‘Team Player of the Year’, which was the first sign to indicate that others appreciate my being around.

It’s important to feel valued and appreciated.

My toughest career challenge in tech/ dev so far?

The toughest thing about a QA job is remaining in a friendly relationship with everyone, because typically QAs are very easily disliked for asking questions and finding weaknesses and defects.

After all, QA caters for raising the quality, not for raising arguments.

Yet, I still sometimes struggle to find the proper way to explain that asking for clarifications should not be accepted as rudeness and pointing a defect on the software should not be taken as nagging.

It’s a work in progress but it’s still a challenge at times.

My biggest industry influence?

QAs often live in the shadows of the Developers in the IT world.

There is not a single name enough popular to be influencing us unfortunately.

So my personal influencer is no other than my own father, who has natural curiosity, does everything with great passion and dedication/ He is always in a good mood. Having this attitude means that one can learn and achieve in any field.

Best tax & payroll innovation/development?

The whole idea for processing payroll in such a large scale is fascinating! Looking back a year ago I had no idea how a payroll was made. Each day I learn something new about it.

My ambition/vision?

Basically, all I want is to work for a company with mission, having the chance to give my energy and knowledge for a cause I truly believe in.

No titles or pay checks can make me feel that I have a successful career.

Where do you see tax & payroll five years from now?

In five years from now I guess the payroll industry will reach the next level of digitalisation, yet that human factor cannot be switched off the chain. Ever. Challenges will be more complex, but the flexibility of human brain will remain irreplaceable.

An interesting fact about me…

I am a huge fan of shooting sports, especially air pistol disciplines and used to be quite good at them back in the day!