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Latest Updates to the Immedis Platform Drive Customer Empowerment

Fiona Dardis
Fiona Dardis

Product Manager, Global Payroll, Immedis

Aug 4, 2021 3 mins

We conduct extensive user experience testing, and we’re delighted to now have a new UX Lead – Shumin Cao. Shumin works with us to highlight areas of tension or difficulty when using the Immedis Platform. After all, we know that a global payroll solution is only as good as the number of customers using it and loving it. One of the major outcomes of our user testing is that we’ve enhanced the platform to give more control to users. Customers will soon enjoy a more streamlined process that will assist with reducing errors and making the task of managing employee data easier.

But’s that just for starters.

Let’s examine the latest updates to the Immedis Platform in greater detail.

First of, and the biggest change of all is that we are introducing a brand new Customer Portal Control Center.


So what does this mean for customers?

1. Reduces errors

The new control center brings together Perpetual Validation, integration logs, and payroll logs to systemically guide you through the inputs stage. This meshing of all the different capabilities of the platform means missing employee data that impacts the payroll process is identified at an early stage, eliminating the risk of missed or inaccurate payments.

The new hub also displays more detail on the number of joiners, leavers, payment after leaving, variable payments, and absences associated with each entry. Part of the new design also means consistent search functionality on all screens and the ability to concentrate fields to include code and description.

We’ve also introduced 5 new filters that correspond to the stages of payroll: Inputs, Processing, Approval, Finalization, and Filings.

2. Improves management of employee data

Customers will be able to add/edit organizational assignments for each employee - existing and new. They will be able to easily view employee history and percentage breakouts.

3. Support for bulk uploads

If you do not have an HCM or are working with a Flex Benefits system that is not integrated, customers can now bulk upload recurring payments for compensation and benefits for employees. This will result in massive time savings when you have to upload recurring payments such as annual salary changes for employees. You can easily view the batch upload through the UI or via integration on the dashboard.


4. Facilitates onboarding directly in the platform

For those of you who are implementing the Immedis Platform under tight time constraints, we’ve made it easier by making the set-up pay cycle visible, enabling you to upload your pay group information directly to the Immedis platform. The Immedis Perpetual Validation function then kicks in to notify of any required information that is missing. This also means that you have more control over the set-up of your employee data.

5. Improves critical error management

Errors found in Variable Payments, Recurring Payments, Leave of Absence are now highlighted, and we suggest ways to resolve them. We’ve also added the ability to export a file listing all errors.

Plus, using the batch id, you can now bulk delete variable inputs if the pay cycle is still open for payroll inputs.


6. Better user experience

We made it easier to search by pay group and the pay element codes and description are now displayed beside each other. This makes the task of inputting information easier and more accessible to users.

Other highlights of the release

Pre-Processing Report

The new pre-processing report is available on the new Control Center and allows the Customer Payroll Administrator to review all inputs into the payroll process whether they came from Integration, inputs, or uploads through the customer portal or via Immedis operations team centrally in one place before closing inputs. sources or multiple inputters on the customer side.

Self-service absence mapping

Customers can now map their HCM absence code library to the Immedis Global Absence Types on a per country basis. Typically part of the onboarding project(s) for each country, our onboarding project managers and consultants will advise the customer where applicable.

CSI Fields- Link to Events Linking of CSI fields to events

New Hire, Termination, Onboarding making certain fields mandatory depending on the type of event. Customers now have the ability to define CSI (Country Specific Information) that is required based on Employee Events New Hire, Termination, or Onboarding. This allows all payroll requirements to be gathered for employees based on their specific Payroll Events.

Address Screen Changes

This will allow address requirements to be configured in the Immedis platform per country. and included in Perpetual Validation for customers to review. The end result is that it reduces the likelihood of incorrect address information which minimizes the impact to payroll processing due to incorrect address information.

Where can customers learn more about the latest updates to the Immedis Platform?

To ensure all our customers are made aware of the new changes and how to work with them we are providing the following resources: