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Immedis and Richard Limpkin Awarded “50 Innovators of the Year 2021” Distinction

Jun 3, 2021 1 mins

We’re thrilled to announce that Immedis and Richard Limpkin have been recognized by CIO Bulletin Magazine in its annual “50 Innovators of the Year” awards. CIO Bulletin serves as a central resource for CIOs and other technology decision makers on Business & Information Technology (IT) leaders and identifying innovation best practices. The annual 50 Innovators of the Year listing recognizes businesses and their leadership for exceptional technology innovation.  

 Through a Q&A interview with Richard Limpkin, Chief Product Officer of Immedis, CIO Bulletin outlines some of the key features and capabilities that demonstrate how the Immedis Platform streamlines, simplifies and transforms global payroll processes with exceptional technology.  

 CIO Bulletin highlights Immedis’ unique approach to establishing a single source of truth for global payroll by removing the need for multiple disparate payroll vendors. As outlined in the article, this single source of truth has the added benefit of helping organizations achieve corporate alignment through data analytics insights provided by the Immedis Platform. These insights, such as tracking hiring trends over time, analysing pay equity across the organisation, and identifying workforce trends across geographies and regions, can be leveraged to influence business planning for HR and payroll leaders as well as CFOs, CIOs and CEOs.  

 “This recognition by CIO Bulletin is a great achievement for Richard Limpkin. In his role as Chief Product Officer, Richard is central to how we support customers through our platform,” said Ruairi Kelleher, CEO of Immedis. “Immedis is all about teamwork and driving innovation in everything we do. Richard Limpkin and his product and technology management team are especially deserving of this recognition.”  

 You can learn more about the Immedis Platform by reading the Immedis Overview Brochure and requesting a demo.