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Exciting News: The Immedis Website Got a Whole New Look

Conor Ebbs
Conor Ebbs

Digital Marketing Director at Immedis

Feb 3, 2021 2 mins

Building a website is like building a house, and every page (room) has a specific purpose. However, as we grow and change over time, the original blueprint no longer aligns with our mission and vision. When Immedis launched in 2016, we welcomed visitors with a glossy introduction to our platform and service, supported by key content and resources. Now, 5 years on, it’s time to show the world how our commitment to innovation and excellence means we can provide a world-class global payroll service.

Choosing a partner

We needed a web partner with a deep understanding of our business and the technical expertise to weave the Immedis experience into a high performing design. In Brian Sena and EverWonder, we found that and more. Brian’s team has delivered an incredible website, providing strategic counsel when needed, and guiding us through a thoroughly enjoyable project. Special thanks to Mat Baxter and Paul Wronski for their superb development and responsiveness at every stage of the project.

"Partnering with brands like Immedis is genuinely why I work in marketing. They are the gold standard in Global Payroll, but more importantly, their team is special. They bring such a passion for growth and connection to success. We saw this project as an opportunity to build for the future, as they continue to scale. We set out to make sure Immedis could tell their story and not have technology be a limiting factor."

- Brian Sena

Website goals

Once we decided to work with EverWonder, we then laid down the following goals for the new website.

  • Turn the website into a demand generation vehicle
  • Provide an engaged and accessible user experience
  • Demonstrate the Immedis Platform and illustrate how it is transforming global payroll
  • Tell our story in a way that perfectly exemplifies the Immedis mission to simplify global payroll

Design philosophy

Since we built the website around demonstrating the Immedis experience, it was essential to define and clearly illustrate how we deliver on this.Website1 Immedis Value Drivers.

We explain how Immedis delivers on each promise under each category and use images directly from the Immedis Platform to demonstrate. For example, one of the key features of the Immedis Platform is the ability to access and run reports that show real-time information. This enables an organization to dig down to a granular level and discover the source of any variances - from the global level to country all the way down to an individual employee.Website2 Gross pay variance in real-time.

Our new site also showcases the Immedis Effect - walking a visitor through each of the ways Immedis works to simplify global payroll, from ensuring compliance to optimizing HCM investments.Website3 The Immedis Effect.Website7 New Immedis Blog Design

We also redesigned our blog to provide a better experience adding in sharing features, time to read, and a subscription capability.

And, since we are a company that is expanding globally, we made sure to share some of the reasons why people who work here stay and why others should join.Website5 Immedis Culture Section.

My role

I joined Immedis as Digital Marketing Director on Monday, November 2nd, the day the website project kicked off. With the launch date set for the end of January, I knew there would be little time for easing in slowly, that I was jumping in at the deep end. However, everyone involved was keen to make it happen. The marketing team met almost weekly with Brian and started working on content immediately. From previous website redesigns, I know that content delays kill website launches. To ensure we stayed on track, we used GatherContent, a tool that enabled us to collaborate with EverWonder on updated drafts.

On a larger scale, we met bi-monthly with people from all the various branches of Immedis to ensure that the new site reflects the entire Immedis ecosystem.

While turning around a website in three months may seem naively idealistic, idealism can become a reality when you work with great people. Yes, there were a few bumps, a few late nights - we are not entirely sure when Brian sleeps - but I am delighted to say that the new site launched on January 28th, 3 months to the day from starting out. Drumroll please……Website6 Immedis New Homepage.

We will continue to assess and ensure it grows with us. But for today, I hope you visit and enjoy the fruits of our collective labor.